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Lastborns are usually friendly, easygoing, and creative. Research shows that you're more observant and that you have more diverse interests than your older siblings. You also take more risks, like to travel more, and are more liberal. You're the first to embrace new theories and you love challenging the status quo. In fact Diaz and Law you like to shake things up and look at problems from a new angle. We need people like you in the world — you show us the way to advance knowledge, politics, and art by finding novel and inventive solutions to the problems facing mankind.

Younger brothers

Younger brothers of brothers are the most fearless of men. You like competition, sports, challenges, and thinking creatively. You travel further than your siblings and enjoy challenging established theories... Younger brothers of sisters, such as Jude Law, are excellent actors. The best match for a lastborn boy is a firstborn girl. You also get along with middle or lastborn girls, but these girls can also confuse you because they like to play and have fun just as much as you do. With firstborns you'll get more direction and guidance, the kind of direction and guidance you enjoy receiving from your friends and romantic partners.

Younger sisters

Cameron Diaz has one older sister. Younger sisters of sisters are driven, ambitious, and creative dynamos. You're the most feminine and flirtatious of girls. Nothing can stand in your way when you have a goal. But you often get distracted by whatever crosses your path — whether it's a new career, a new man, or a new interest. And let's face it, you have many interests, more than you can handle at times! Your best match is a firstborn. When paired with another lastborn you can have lots of fun, but you may lack the organizational skills that many couples need to survive. Younger sister of brothers are magnets to men. They are great actors and take direction well. They often find that they have more men attracted to them than other girls. Your best match is an older brother of sisters. With lastborn boys you have lots of exciting adventures but are less goal-directed than other couples. Examples of younger sisters of brothers include Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor. Janet Jackson has both older brothers and sisters and illustrates how creative and rebellious lastborn girls can be. (Photo: Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, copyright 2006 Columbia Pictures.)


Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson

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Middle Children

Britney Spears

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Cameron Diaz and Jude Law

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