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Listen to William Cane talking about birth order compatibility by clicking the following link and scrolling down the page to the "Friday, November 2" show on "Sibling Rivalry." Fast forward ahead 33 minutes into the mp3 program (or 37:50 into the Windows MediaPlayer version) to hear William Cane talking about who your best match is based on birth order. Listen…

Celebrity Birth Order

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Birth Order and You

Everyone has a birth order — you, your friends, your family members, your teachers, your co-workers — everyone. Birth order is one of the most important things making you unique. While other factors, such as age, race, and gender, all play a role in shaping personality, research book cover indicates that the number one factor influencing personality is birth order. Birth order is defined as your rank in your sibling constellation: firstborn, middleborn, lastborn, only child, or twin.

You can use a knowledge of birth order to find out how to get along better with family, friends, and co-workers. You can also use it to find a compatibile match. Throughout this Web site we'll show you how birth order affects personality and romantic compatibility, and for fun we'll even examine some celebrities. Janet Jackson, for example, is a lastborn. Maybe that's why she loves getting attention and challenging the status quo. It may also be one reason why she's so creative.

Few other fields of study offer such rich rewards for the intellectually curious. Using this site, you'll discover new things about yourself — including potential talents and abilities — that you may never have dreamed you had.

Birth order research

Romantic Compatibility

Perhaps the most exciting new findings on birth order involve the issue of romantic compatibility. Through this research we can now produce a fairly accurate personal compatibility analysis explaining who your best match is based on factors such as how many siblings you grew up with, the gender of those siblings, the age gap between you and your siblings, and whether or not you experienced significant conflict with a parent or the early loss of a parent or sibling. Of course your personal compatibility analysis is based on birth order, the most reliable predictor of personality.


How to figure out your birth order

If you were born first, you're a firstborn. If last, you're a lastborn. If you're a middle child, you need to ask whether you're closer in age to an older or a younger sibling. If you have many older siblings and are close in age to one or more of them, you can expect to be more like a lastborn than a firstborn, although you will have some firstborn traits by virtue of the fact that you have a younger sibling.

Birth order chart

Order Celebrity Description
Firstborn Brad Pitt Orderly, organized, bossy, dominant.
Middle Britney Spears Good negotiator, unafraid of authority.
Lastborn Cameron Diaz Funny, personable, creative.
Only Pamela Anderson Dependent, very much like her mother.

William Cane on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

William Cane Talks about Birth Order

William Cane Talks about Birth Order - Part 2

New Book

William Cane's new book on birth order and romantic compatibility, The Birth Order Book of Love, is the latest word on birth order and relationships. Read it before your boyfriend or girlfriend does!



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Middle Children

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The study of birth order can open doors that you never even saw and lead you into fields where your potential will develop more fully. More…