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The Birth Order Book of Love

How the #1 Personality Predictor Can Help You Find the One

An entertaining, groundbreaking and informative guide to relationship compatibility based on cover of book the 12 birth order types, from the bestselling author of The Art of Kissing.

Studies show the most reliable scientific predictor of personality is birth order — your place among your siblings. The Birth Order Book of Love is the first guide of its kind to finding the perfect mate.

Why do firstborns often find romance with lastborns? Who's the worst match for an only child? What is the most important question a middle child can ask before a date? Cane explains the 12 personality/birth order types (older brother of brothers, etc.) Like astrology-typing guides, The Birth Order Book of Love reveals why certain birth orders are more compatible, which ones can present communication challenges and how to overcome them.

Cane has analyzed the birth order of 6,000 celebrities, historical figures and modern couples. Readers will learn what birth order says about them, which celebrity they'd be most compatible with and who their best match is in real life.

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William Cane

William Cane is the author of The Art of Kissing, translated into 19 languages. A former Boston College professor, he presents a popular birth order show at colleges nationwide. He currently teaches English at CUNY and lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.


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The study of birth order can open doors that you never even saw and lead you into fields where your potential will develop more fully. More…